Linda Pischke - A Writer

About The Author

Writing has always been my passion. Mom taught us the love of good books, Dad inspired me with tales from our family history. I began my own form of story telling by making up puppet shows to perform for friends in the front yard on warm summer days (I never did get over being a show-off). In the 5th grade, my teacher Mrs. Margelofsky told me, "You ought to be a writer," and that was my 'aha' moment. As I approach late middle age, I am taking her advice seriously.

Education:  University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
                 BSW - Social Work - 1968

Memberships: St. Dismas Jail Ministry - 2002 to present.
                   The Catholic Worker - Board of Directors

Recognition: The Christian Stewardship Foundation's "Faithful Servant Award" 2007.

Published Works: